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yes it about 6 hrs of labor. under the hood you must discharge a/c lines disconnect. heater hoses ,clamp off both hoses then disconnect from heater core at fire wall, remove computer at fire wall so you can get to heater box bolts,and several other bolts along fire wall. inside of truck you must unbolt steering column {4 bolt} and many screws and several bolts.if you have mechanical skills you will figure out which ones. also disconnect wire harness connectors {brake, heater box on right side of kick panel. two harness on left behind instrument cluster}dash will come out.then there is about 5 or 6 bolts that need to come out of h/box and box will come out. two bolts holding core in places. note: when re-installing core run heater hoses back through fire wall and use new hoses clamps.put them on /easier to tighten in truck rather then under hood. then just re assemble. one more note you need a tool for a/c lines but I made one {cut an old hoses clamp just a little bigger then line connector also cut a metal bottle cap. place clamp inside of connector and put cap on top of clamp then push in.line will pull apart with out damage.cap gives you leverage.I hope this helps good luck.