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i bought an ipod touch off of ebay, that was being sold for parts or repair, it said that it would not power on and and  i tunes would not recognize it when connected to there pc. i had bought one that was simular before and had no problem getting it up and running. if i were you i would try a different pc with i tunes ( you might lose everything on it) but it is worth getting it back up and running. make sure your usb cord is good i have had several go bad for no reason.  one of them i started off fresh and restored to factory settings like it was new and the most recent score of mine actually let me start it up and i have over 1500 songs that are mostly my kind of music that i get to keep, just have to figure out how to get itunes to let me save it and share with my other one. good luck i hope i have been some help.....:)