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The most likely issue is the NVIDIA GPU solders have budged. The overheating is the most likely cause for this and it is a REALLY common issue with this model. When you took it apart, even just tilting the board upright would have caused this to occur (Gravity... TY Newton!)

There are a heap of guides on refluxing the solder online.



Once the GPU is under stress again it will break the solder and will need refluxing. Each reflux will reduce the strength of the solder until... It dies.

As for the issues you have experienced AFTER installing the Mag Safe Dc Board, the logic board is not completing a full circuit if the light on the charger is not coming on. I'd say you likely have a bad DC board (Ebay sucks :( ... ).

Try connecting the keyboard and then the power (No battery). Do you get a light? Will it turn on?

Macs work exactly the same as PC, the battery has 10-24 pins. It is the bridging of a certain 2-4 pins that cause the battery to open its other circuits, sending power to the logic board. If the logic board is powering on by itself, when battery is in, but wont power on at all once DC is in and battery is out, you have a serious fault. The pins (near the keyboard, often referred to as power pads) have been bridged. Try earthing these pins (you'll have to Google them as I don't have the P/N for your logic board) by holding a Flathead (make sure your body is contacting the metal of the screwdriver) to these pads and connecting the battery. If it doesn't turn on, voila! You have a faulty diode, located on the opposite side of the logic board, which will probably seem rather obvious as it will likely be a solder missing or something like that.

Its really easy to knock chips off near the heat sinks when removing them. I'd say that's the most likely cause of the new issue your experiencing.