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Well I have been using the Samsung 830 and Crucial M4 for some time and no problem (not in a Mac though)

I find they behave better if you set them up properly before installing too. - not absolutely necessary but good practice in my mind

The easiest way to align an SSD is to create an aligned partition on the SSD with the help of Diskpart. Open an elevated command prompt and run the following sequence of commands – each line followed by Enter.


List disk

Select disk n (where n is the number that was given for your SSD in List disk)


Create partition primary align=1024

Format fs=ntfs quick

Active (assuming you want to install an OS)


Note: If you want to create a 100MB partition with alignment, the create command is:

Create partition primary size=100 align=1024

The size unit is always MB.


If you want to verify the alignment (e.g. for a SSD where you are not certain whether the proper alignment was done), you use the following commands.


List disk

Select disk n

List partition