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I just moved a 120GB SSD from my 13" MBA late 2010 (A1369) to an 11" MBA late 2010 (A1370), and took the 64GB one out of the 11" to an external housing from OWC.

Only one issue, the 11" MBA space for the SSD has the logic board RAM chips right underneath the SSD.  When I tightened the retaining screw the 120GB SSD card flexed a bit.  Nothing startling, but it put the connector under some stress. This is because the 120GB SSD has chips on both sides, and the lower ones push on the RAM ships -- tightening the retaining screw puts upward pressure on the connector at the other end!

I made a plastic shim to act as a spacer under the SSD at the retaining screw end.  Then I could tighten the screw without stressing the SSD/connector.  Anyway it is all working well now.