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Оригинальный сообщение: Gary ,


I am not sure it will ruin it, I see a Digitizer for sell on eBay and the guy says he separated it from the front glass using a heat gun. How can you get someone at ifixit.com to post either a solution for the problem or to give i us a 100% sure answer saying it can't be done. I wish i could ask someone directly.

How about this then, I see they sell Just the front glass on eBay for like $12.00 can I buy a new Digitizer and put the two together myself?

If anyone can contact ifixit , telkl them to jump on this thread and post up some 411 facts about replacing the front glass only if it is possible to do.,  """""" What up with that"""  Pimping ain't easy, and neither is replacing the front glass only on a iphone 5""