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Оригинальный сообщение: Tom Chai ,


saw this video on a chinese website


only a few steps, but requires considerable skill

1: remove everything else

2: remove the upper and lower part of the shattered glass

3: glue a piece of glass onto the shattered glass

4: fix the glass on the heater, heat up

5: use a very thin steel wire to cut the front glass off. It seems that they cut between the front glass and the touch sensor. if the touch sensor is shattered, the screen is totaled.

6: use some solvent to wash the remaining glue off, clean the screen

7: apply new glue. slowly put the new glass onto the glue, watch for any bubbles or dust. let gravity do the work

8: not shown in the video, but according what i've read about those LOCA glue requires curing under UV light