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With some testing, it is definitely safe for the ''charger'' if you are charging a macbook that needs more wattage.. The charger will never provide more than the rated wattage, and as such, there is no higher risk of failure.

On the other hand, if you use a 45w on your MacBook Pro, which requires an 85w charger while you are playing a game or editing video (using 100% CPU and/or GPU), your battery will still ''drain'' but at a must slower rate. I have read that if you let it reach zero, it'll keep on going and kill your battery as the voltage will go too low.

I personally use a 60w charger with my MacBook Pro Retina which comes with an 85w charger. It charges a tad bit slower but it's perfectly fine. Here are the screenshots:

In this image, I am using my 60w charger while low use (medium brightness, no CPU intensive tasks) but it ''is'' charging. It is only pulling 56.04 watts, well within the limits of the 60w charger.


Here, I experimented with a 45w charger while I am stress testing with geekbench and full brightness, as you can see the charger is pushing out 40w, again, well within the limits. On the other hand, it is now draining the battery (but at a slower rate)