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Оригинальный сообщение: JeremyDunworth ,


The same as a poster above, I had the same problem. This is how I fixed it.

With the back of the phone open, disconnect the battery (step 5), remove the wifi antenna (step 13 and 14) and then disconnect the LCD and digitizer cables (step 17).  I sprayed some windex onto a clean, thin cotton rag, like the kind you can buy in boxes at Home Depot, and gently wiped both sides of the LCD and digitizer connectors.  I then reattached LCD and digitizer cables and battery and back case, and the screen fired up.  This worked after multiple attempts at reassembly without using the windex, so the light application of windex seemed to be the trick.

Two other things, on this reassembly, I had a lot of difficulty getting the LCD connector to snap into place, I suspect that on earlier attempts I may not have had the connector aligned and connected correctly.

Second, on this reassembly, I was in a rush and only tightened the wifi antenna enough to hold it in place, I did not crank down on the screws that hold the wifi antenna.  This might have also affected the LCD connection, if I had been overtightening before.

GOOD LUCK. Hope this helps some of you.