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Hi guys, the information I am posting here is for the guys who are caught in a dilemma whether a PS3 that has been bought in USA where power supply is in 110 V range does work in India and other countries that have a higher voltage system between 220-240 V without using a Step down converter. As with my instance, I had bought a PS3 320GB Move Sports championship Bundle with model no CECH-2501B and power reading  120 V -2 A 60 Hz, from USA and brought it to India (220-240 V power supply). Initially, like every body else, I had same doubt whether my PS3 will work in India without using the power converter (step down) or do I really needed a step down power converter. I was also scared (before plugging) if my much desired PS3 will burnout due to high voltage. I have seen and read posts over internet and also enquired my friend regarding this, Trust me guys my PS3 model no CECH 2501B with power reading 120V -2A 60 Hz  worked absolutely fine without a Power converter and its been 3 days since I am using it in India without hassles. You can also you the PS3 safely without converter if your PS3 model is same as mine (as I tested only my model). For other models read thru internet blogs and figure out but for most PS3 power voltage may not be a problem as they are compatible universally. Beware of power converter (step down) as using it may cause noise and unusual side effects like blurring of image in the PS3.