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I was able to do this. I let the phone dry out after a full trip through the washing machine. At first, the phone didn't work at all, then gradually started working a little.  The batter was completely dead. Most functionality came back once I replaced it (put in a Maxx battery while I was at it; note to persons who do this: get a new loud speaker in addition to the kit as the old one wont come out of the old housing without damaging it and I had to do this - I recommend this for water damage repair as well as you get the benefit of a bigger battery and new water damage detection stickers).  The sensor bar (home buttons etc) didn't seem to work right; the menu button kept pressing itself (guessing there was a little water left in there), but this eventually righted itself (it took like 2 months).  The vibrator didn't work very well (I haven't replaced this yet as the replacements are hard to find), but it worked a little (you could hear it trying to vibrate).  Both cameras, and the flash were non-functional.  I have since replaced them and they now work again. You may also want to get a new "1080p" sticker bard as you will likely break it in dis-assembly and you may want to get a couple water damage stickers if you wanna make it look pristine. So, summary: you will need this guide, a front and back camera, a razr maxx upgrade kit, a loud speaker,a flash module, a "1080p" sticker, at least 1 water detection sticker, a vibrator motor, an "iphone repair kit" or a lot of small hex tools and 2 spudgers and a lot of patience and time.  Repair beginning to end took about 2 hours just from begin careful and patient and having tiny parts.  If you have or can get an esd bracelet, I recommend that too.  Totally fixable though, if you are careful.