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Оригинальный сообщение: Phil Hotka ,


As a non industry guy, but skilled with my hands, I was able to separate the glass from the digitizer successfully using basic tools. And somewhat followed the Chinese video above.  I took the screen all down, and due to the severe shattering of my phone I had to remove the bits of glass piece by piece.  I did this using a hot plate, temp gun to make sure I didn't overheat it, duck brand adheasive remover I got locally and a guitar string along with a very tiny flat head and the plastic scraper.

Because the screen was so shattered it took me the better part of two hours to get all the glass off.  Soaked the whole thing in the adheasive remover and then warmed it up on the hot plate, trying to keep around 160 degrees.  Different chunks required different tools, but the majority I got off with the scraper.

Then I repeatedly soaked the LCD in the remover stuff and gently wiped it down.  I still scratched it pretty bad thanks to the tiny glass shards, but it looks good at night.  Got the LCD totally clean, glued the new glass to the frame only because I didn't have the proper glue and reassembled the whole works.

The result is some tiny scratches and the center of the screen is a bit dark.  Either because I did t glue it to the glass or because I might have over heated the screen accidentally.  For ten bucks I'm happy with it.  I can read things on it and the touch is better then ever!  If you're tight on money, but loaded on time and skill I highly recommend it.