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No, I did not order a battery elsewhere. Didn't want to waste any more time on the subject, and by that point in time we had resoled ourselves to using it as plugged in ipod and got a new phone instead.

Though, thinking back at it, I think the third battery was fine, but the issue was that the phone would not do iOS software updates, something in the process where it complained about not original components. Which is when iFixit support called it quits too. Probably some little part number that didn't match with what it came with from the factory. Installed the old battery, updated fine. I don't remember at this point if I then opened the phone up again to reinstall the last ifixit battery.

So part matching is critically important. But, some of the replacement parts / batteries have been sitting on the shelf at iFixit for a while. I would need to check my mail logs to see what all I ran into.