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To start with there is very little steel or iron present in your system. So using any ''Rust Remover'' across your logic board would not be the best solution and could in fact harm your system!

I stay away from spray cleaners or contact cleaners as they tend to leave an oily film which can cause odd behavior and collect dust over time.

The best solution to clean any corrosion caused by getting your system wet with water or a drink of some sort is distilled water and 85% or better isopropyl alcohol.

But before you start your endeavor you must disconnect the battery as soon as possible! As the power you battery has stored in it can cause electrolysis and depending on what was in the liquid cause sorts damaging the components.

So here's the timeline of actions:

* Shake out and pat dry as much of what every got into your system and disconnect your battery ASAP!

* Keep your system or phone as cold as possible (but not freezing) This will slowdown the corrosive process if this was sea water or fresh water.

* If your up to it open the system up to gain access to any wetness that did get inside. Using cotton swabs blot up as much as you can take note where you cleaned as you'll need to go over the same spots again with Distilled water to neutralize the acids/basis or salts that were present in the liquid. Then go over the spots again this time with isopropyl alcohol to remove any oil or grease and it acts as a dryer to help remove the distilled water you used. If you encounter any corrosion use a small brush to lightly scrub the area be careful here! as you don't want to pull off any components or damaging anything.

* If you just can't open the system you can try to use Rice or other desiccant to help in drying. But it won't remove what was in the liquid which over time will cause the device to fail.