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Оригинальный сообщение: Lix Bacskay ,


I have the same problem with my iPhone 4S display, except that my new screen worked perfectly for about 5 weeks after replacement. Then it went to the black/grey screen after I turned it off one day.

We took it apart again and re-seated everything, it came back on. It did the same thing again a couple of weeks later when I turned the phone off. We re-assembled again and it came back.

Now the 3rd time (I had planned not to turn it off again, but I unfortunately let it go flat), we can't get it to come back.

I've tried the hard reset. I've reseated the cables, they seem to be sitting perfectly straight and level and go in with a satisfying little 'click'. I've tried restoring to factory settings in iTunes. I've tried the Windex trick. All to no avail this 3rd time.

What seems really strange is that it was working perfectly after the replacement for weeks, but now the display goes to grey/black when the phone is restarted. The iphone still operates, but it's useless with the black/grey screen.

Does this ring any bells for anyone? I'm reluctant to buy another new display as I know this one was working. Any ideas?