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Оригинальный сообщение: Thomas Kurosu ,



A note of caution: It is possible to replace the screen digitizer on the TF700T, but depending on what exactly you are ordering, it can be extremely tedious and messy. It may be worth spending the $200.

I too had to wait for a long time to get my 5184 screen digitizer to be shipped from China/Hong Kong, since they don't seem to be having these in stock (contrary to what many on-line shippers claim). I ended up paying about $120 for the part, which is "glass panel plus the (flat orange) digitizer cable". What was non included is the plastic frame to which the glass panel is glued.

When you take apart the tablet and the screen comes off, you will notice that the LCD is attached to a plastic mount on the back of the glass screen. The glass is glued to that mount, and it is *very* difficult to get it off. If you don't buy an already mounted digitizer panel (which I read somewhere exists), you will be in for a lot of frustration. The glass panel broke while I tried to pry it off, and I had to deal with plenty of sharp, tiny shards and fragments that I had managed to remove using a flat screwdriver as a chisel. If you go into this knowing what you are up against, you may be able to prevent a mess. Otherwise, you may want to just go with the ASUS repair. I think I would, if I had to do it over again.

Another word of advice: To detach the screen digitizer cable from the frame, you have to flip the small white bars forward/away from the cable, e.g., with a flat screwdriver, otherwise you will ruin the connectors.

Good Luck!