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Оригинальный сообщение: david shumate ,


I think I found the issue with the latch switch... it is a passive switch, and therefore can fail to close the electrical loop if corrosion or wear begins to take hold... I used an old gearhead trick and put some WD40 into the switch from the outside, soaking it.  That enabled the oil to impregnate the switch and come in contact with the contacts that close the electrical loop.  I verified this by using a multimeter to analyze the before and after ohm reading.  Before, there was no ohms read, 0.  After, infinite, or closed.  So, the switch appears to be at fault here for some instances.  The connector is rather flimsy as well, and a dose of WD40 on those contacts should keep that from misbehaving in the future as well.  But in my situation, the switch was the culprit and now is working again as it did when it was new.  Hope this helps, and should be a cheap fix for some.