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'''Try connecting an external monitor''' and booting from the install/repair disk. if you see something normal on the screen it  means the problem is with the internal video chain, but if you get the same (no display) you probably have a bad VGU/VGC and that's what Apple Care determined.

'''VGUs can't be fixed or replaced'''… only an entire logic board can do that. . . if that's too expensive or due to age you can't locate one you may want to part out your machine take that $ and what you'd spend on replacement parts to purchase a new/used macbook.

''If you get/see a normal display on the external monitor you should run AHT -'' and '''if it tosses out no error on the first run, do it two more times in succession''' (if it's an overheating problem one run of AHT may not stress it enough to cause overheat).

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