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Оригинальный сообщение: sjjje ,


Hey Mike,

I have the exact same problem, had a non-functioning power button, got a replacement OEM flex cable, installed it, everything worked fine, but no vibrate. The mute image would appear on screen when flipping the mute switch, but it didn't vibrate.

I also bought another broken iphone with the same power button issue, using one of the same power flex cables I bought with the first one mentioned above, I installed it, power button working fine, volume buttons working fine, but again, no vibrate, and this time, I don't even get the mute image appear on screen when flipping the mute switch. I'm hoping that I just ordered a bad batch of power flex cables. Going to order from another supplier and see if this helps

I'll keep you posted, let me know if anyone finds another solution to the same problem