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Try this:


1.  With the TV off and the PS3 off, connect only the HDMI cable between them.

2.  Turn your TV on and select the correct input that is connected to your PS3 (DO NOT TURN YOUR PS3 ON JUST YET)

3.  Press and hold the power button on the PS3 until 3 beeps are heard.

a.  1st Beep - Turns the system on

b.  2nd Beep - Resets the video output

c.  3rd Beep - Turns the system off

At this point, your PS3 should be OFF.  If it isn't, repeat the above steps.

4.  Press and hold the power button AGAIN until the following beeps are heard:

a.  1st Beep - Turns the system on

b.  Double Beep - Places the PS3 in Safe Mode.  Release the power button at this time or the system will shutdown on the next beep.

At this point you should see a menu with 6 options highlighted on your screen.  If you do not, and you are sure you completed the above steps properly, contact Sony and ask for further assistance.  Continue on if you see the menu.

5.  Select "Reset System." Should be menu item #1.

6.  After the system resets, the screen should tell you it has detected an HDMI device.  Select "Yes" to configure the PS3 for the HDMI output.

7.  After the HDMI output has been configured, the screen should ask you if you would like setup the HDMI output for optimal settings, select "Yes" and the resolution of your screen should change to its optimal setting (in my case it was 1080i).

8.  The familiar PS3 menu should appear at this point with the problem resolved.