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water level sensor switch W10415587 repair? The answer is YES it can be repaired. First off you must be comfortable working on your own machine and have a little experience when electronics.

The switch is located on the top right hand side under the top cover on a Maytag front loading model 5000 series. By removing three screws in the back (those are the first screws as you look over the top backside). you can spot the "Air" switch by looking for a small rubber tube running from the bottom side of the tub to it. you will see also see a little connector with four or five wirers. Remove the rubber tube and carefully remove the connector (note small locking tab must be depressed, don't break it) now to get the switch off of the sidewall give it a quarter turn twist, then it will pull out. the actual switch is under a plastic cover (mine was a black cover) now using a very small screw driver carefully pry two locking grooves on either of the cover. those pins release another plastic part that the circuit board is mounted on. Now you will see a small tube going to a IC chip with a diaphragm valve sitting on a IC chip. pull off the tiny rubber tube ( not the one on the IC pull off the other side). Now give it some suction, I just used my mouth and felt water come out. reassemble and you should be good to go. Water vapor from the tub makes its way through the rubber tube and collects on the sensor in the diaphragm causing the error code f-35 or suds (it thinks your tub is flooded). It work for me even though I already ordered the part , now I guess I have a spear part. Good luck!!

Bye the way if you need to remove the circuit board slide a small flat blade (like a feeler gauge) under the circuit board to release the locking mechanism. There aren't any traces on the bottom of the board to damage. have fun.......