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Help repairing power supply PCB



I have an early 2005 G5 Power Mac (dual 2.7 liquid cooled) and the PSU blew up.

This is not due to the common liquid leakage that occured to a lot of Power Macs of this age.

The PSU is an ACBEL API2FS34 (Mac Part Num: 614-0306) 600W PSU.

I have stripped down the PSU and have isolated the component that has failed (a little orange disc on the 240VAC side of the PCB. It is labeled as 'MOV2' on the silk screening. MOV1 is different dimensions and neither have any identifying marks as to what they are.

This is the only component that has failed (all elec caps are fine with no bulging).

If anyone can identify what this component is it would be greatly appreciated!


Power Mac G5