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Is it a automatic or 5spd.?

If it's a 5spd. It could be the clutch start safety switch. It's located on the clutch if you look down in the floorboard with a flashlight push the clutch in with one hand while looking to see if the switch depresses all the way in. Try putting it in neutral with the E-Brake on. With one hand or foot press the clutch hard and start the car at the same time if no, use your hand so you can see it actually touching the circuit.

If it's a automatic here the list to check off to lead you to the problem.

1.) are you possibly out of gas?

2.) with it quiet, turn the key to the on position, listen for a humming sound, if you don't hear that it might be your fuel pump the humm will be coming from the rear flip the key to position 2. And it will be a quiet humm for about 2seconds. If you hear a humm go to next.

3.) pull a spark plug wire off and lay it against metal have someone crank the car, if you see a spark move on, it's not that

4.) so, at this point, just so you understand what your trying to achieve. With a car, you need A,) spark, B.) timing C.) Fuel , & fuel pressure. D) water to keep it cool

Unplug your negative battery terminal, 30 sec. Plug it back up and try it.

5.) Check all of your fuses, there's 2 fuse boxes 1 under the hood, 2.) inside either on the kick panel to the left of the clutch, maybe under the steering wheel or behind the glove box.

6.) does the motor sound any different when trying to crank it? Maybe like its turning faster check for a missing belt