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Just to update this repair--Michael sent me this phone and I did replace those three components and make sure that their tested values matched schematic and that continuity was present to next components in line.  There was also another missing small component near camera flex that I replaced as well.

Unfortunately, the phone still has a no USB detect, no charge problem.

I also removed the EMI shields and replaced the charging diode just to check, but it did not solve.

Final analysis:  There is a pervasive and common charging problem in the iPhone 5 that stems from some sort of damage to the U2 ic chip that controls USB detection/charging.  The chip becomes damaged either from use of a non-Apple charger or during other unrelated repairs.

If all the low hanging fruit have been exhausted--like changing battery/dock connector/test in known good housing----then an iPhone 5 charging problem is most likely the U2 chip.

Replacing of the U2 chip is incredibly difficult since this tiny chip shares a border with the CPU.  I plan to continue to work on methods to do this repair safely, since it does seem to affect a lot of phones!