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We have a few used nexus 7 parts in the shop if you are still looking.

The hard to find part is the micro usb charging port on the nexus 7. It is notorious for becoming useless b/c cords fit loosely in the port right out of the box. Micro usb cords get wiggled and jiggled because of the size of the opening and then the port will no longer charge b/c solder breaks from the board, or the tongue inside the port partially breaks apart.

You can buy the replacement micro usb / headphone jack assembly for about $40-60 and do the repair yourself (hopefully) ...or you can send it to us and we'll replace just the jack and ship it back to you all for $54.95

Screens; including LCD and Digitizer, are replaced and shipped back for $99.95

More info and our repair form is on this page: