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Оригинальный сообщение: Clifford Haby ,


There is a critical yet undocumented and not pictured step in the final phases of the replacement tutorial. There exists a small rubber enclosure that houses the microphone been cable end that must be removed, have the microphone inserted into it, and replaced into its bracket. The part that ships as a replacement has a plastic cellophane cover over the microphone ribbon. Where that ribbon goes and the steps needed to get it into the right spot, are not documented at all.

In my case, the little rubber thingie pulled away when I removed the old part. I had no clue that it was it an item needing to be transferred to the new part.

I suspect that even if you figured out the step on your own, inserted the microphone ribbon into this little rubber casing and then reinstalled it, without removing the cellophane, you would have all sorts of microphone problems