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Rice is the same as doing nothing---just letting time go by for corrosion to set in.  Pass it on!

Water damage is really hit or miss, but the biggest factor is time, and not trying to turn it on.

If you grab that phone out of the toilet and rush it straight to the iPhone ED for some emergency disassembly and an immediate isopropanol bath----it will be fine 95%+ of the time.  If you do nothing, or leave in rice--essentially same thing---for a few weeks, then the save rate drops to 50%.   After a year outside, you can still save 5% of phones----it is hit or miss.

This phone may or may not be salvageable----for the iPhone 5, since most of its logic board is covered by soldered on EMI shields, you need to get it to a professional that will desolder the shields to do a full water damage cleaning (ask them, most won't).