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Оригинальный сообщение: jasonshurb ,


I feel for you as I just happened to have the same problem under warranty (2 months left, whew).  I would be interested to know if when you press the charge status button on the side what it says.  Mine showed all green dots except for one.  Yet it refused to boot without being plugged into the wall.  I reset the PRAM and the SMC on mine as well as installing a new hard drive and reinstalling Mavericks.

So I sent it in and they literally replaced everything in the computer, the top case (aluminum and screen), the logic board, the battery, the magsafe port, the keyboard and trackpad.  They shipped it back to me and I plugged it in and now I have a computer with a new logic board a screen that is a bit cleaner, and a battery that reports that it only has one cycle on it.  Only one issue remains; the system will not work without being plugged in to the wall.

So it is on the way back to an Apple service center overnight.  I think they would just give up and send a new computer at this point.  I shall see, but it is the strangest thing I've encountered with a computer.