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Оригинальный сообщение: Charlie ,


FIXED THE ISSUE....    This took a little time, but it was a simple fix.  The LCD sensor that you have to disconnect from before removing the LCD was the issue.  After receiving HIGH CPU fan speeds, I began looking at possible issues.  First, I had [http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/12381/temperature-monitor|Temperature Monitor] Installed.  I had all my sensors including the ambient air sensor reading.  After I upgraded my HD to a SSD I started getting HIGH CPU fan speeds, but the HD and DVD fan speeds were fine.  I looked at my Temperature Monitor and I noticed i had several Temperature Monitors not reading including the ambient Air Temperature (bare with me, these are steps to troubleshoot).  After reseting the SMC and PRAM, still nothing.  I shut down and disassembled  my IMAC again.  This time after i removed the LCD, I looked at the LCD cable that you must disconnect when removing the LCD and BAM, I saw the issue.  The wires that connect to the Motherboard from the LCD Sensor, inherently like to lay across the screw hole the Bezel attaches to.  I have a couple of pinched marked that exposed the wires and when I tighten the bezel down, it shorted the wires and caused the issue.  I cut small pieces of electrical tape and covered the bare spots.  When I reassembled the IMAC, i mad sure that all my BEZEL screw holes were completely clear of any wires.  Once back together, I plugged in the IMAC, waited 5 Seconds and turned it on.  All is well.  I feel this a majority of everyones issues when they take apart their IMACS and put them back together.  Hope this helps.