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I just had the exact same thing happen to my 2008 MacBook.
Tried all the usual suspects, PRAM zap, SMC reset, swapping good batteries and power cables. the MB just doesn't recognize the battery in the Sys Profiler. There was some intermittent recognizing of the battery (after a SMC reset), but even in that case, showed a completely full battery as 0% and wasn't charging it, then it was back to the X over the battery. 

I was contemplating replacing the magsafe board, but methinks it might be the logic board. 

my MB got just slightly wet, however, there were no signs of any water entering the ports, AND, it's gotten wet before to no bad ends. 

I am going to take the topcase off and inspect the LB. I had read a thread about cleaning the LB:
Which could be a whole lot of fun.