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I was gonna get new guide pins from pep boys ( advance an autozone had to order them ) when I was there to get them the guy was trying to show me they were 7mm and hanging right there was 9mm Allen socket. Again advance and auto zone did not have it, nor sears lowes or Home Depot. The guide bolts looked cheap so I told him keep them now I found the 9mm and the ones on my car looked hardened. Did the brake job last night. New rotors and ceramic pads. Did not need to remove the spindle nut to replace the rotor. Just the caliper bracket.  (18mm hex ). Bought the escape used 102000 and brakes looked recently done but stopping over 45 mph made the wheel and whole vehicle shake. After replacing with ceramic pads it fixed that problem. Looks like semi metallic were used. Ceramic are much better, quiter, lot less dust, and lasts twice to three times as long. Now that's done I got one more problem. Driver side seatbelt doesn't like to release. Saw a bunch of others have this problem too. Anyone know of a recall or an inexpensive way to handle this?