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Оригинальный сообщение: Randy Lopez ,


I was able to repair my failing pressure sensor by spraying a couple of short/light bursts of CRC QD Contact Cleaner which I found at an auto parts store.  Remove the pressure sensor as described in Lonnie Johnsons YouTube video.  The  black cover of the pressure sensor can by removed be carefully sliding the brown inner sensor housing outward just a little. You will notice two thin black tabs on either side of the outer housing. Gently push both tabs outward while sliding the brown inner housing out. The brown housing will slide very little before hitting another point on the same black tabs.  Lift the two black outer tabs upward this time and the brown pressure sensors should slide out completely.

Now remove the short black rubber hose from the top of the pressure sensor chip.  Hold the brown pressure housing upside down and spray a couple of light bursts of contact cleaner into the pressure sensor chip inlet tube. Use a thin red spray tube that fits into the spray can nozzle if you have one.  The CRC QD contact cleaner will dry quickly. DO NOT SPRAY FULL PRESSURE BURSTS.  Light low pressure bursts will clean it out and not damage it internally.  Reconnect the rubber hose and check that both ends are fully seated. Reinstall the black outer cover and install the unit in your washer.  Hope it works for you also!