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Оригинальный сообщение: Ron Gravatt ,


replaced digitizer, now my bluetooth headset won't work


I replaced the glass, got it all back together and everything is functioning; wifi, bluetooth connections are made, finding devices and my Motorola Sliver II headset is 'apparently' paired; complete with sounds of making the connection in the headset. BUT...when I place a call, the call audio is silent. When I switch to iPhone earphone, or the iPhone's speaker, the audio of the call can be heard perfectly. I can hear the audio of music or other alerts on the headset, but NOT a phone call; either coming in or me dialing out. I am a freelance tech and have been doing iPad's and a few iPhone's for a few years. This one has me stumped. Did I leave a connector loose; checked, they seem to be secure.

Please help me Obe-Wan!!




iPhone 5s