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How do I transfer dual partitions to a new hard drive?


I helped out my friend last week with installing a new 500GB drive on his MBP 15". He runs Bootcamp on his computer, and has both an OS X Leopard and Windows XP partition on his old drive.
I tried to use both SuperDuper and Disk Utility to transfer over the XP partition; neither of them worked correctly. SuperDuper did not allow me to choose the XP partition at all from the "Source" menu. Disk Utility, on the other hand, let me partition the new drive into two partitions (one GUID_PARTITION_SCHEME and one FAT), and even "Restore" the XP NTFS partition from the old drive to the new drive's FAT partition. However, the "Restore" was instantaneous, indicating that Disk Utility in fact did nothing. 
Is there a way to transfer either both partitions together, or at least the just the NTFS partition? I was able to transfer the OS X partition successfully and install the new drive into the computer. Everything seems to work fine with OS X. But the new drive still has the FAT partition, ready for a transfer...
I don't know much about Bootcamp, so any input will be appreciated!


MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211