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Hi there,

It has been a week that i bought an iPhone 5. It has error 9..4014...3007...and with black screen.

But! Right now at 27/08/14 12:09am it's unlocked :D.

1) First no need to go on DFU mode, it's already on just by checking with tinyumbrella "log". it says "DFU device connected". => then close tiny.

What i will talk about is not "THE" solution, because ERROR 9 is from everywhere...

**some ppl would tell about changing front camera flex wire, plug off camera wire while restoring, change charging port, put on DFU mode...etc etc etc...*

2)About my computer :

_I put it on ethernet so no wifi. I use win 8 x64. *i have tried on XP, Win7, Win8, macbook 2014 retina and macbook i5 2013

_Install itune x64

_I've closed all apps

_Checked if host file was good

_Download firmware 7.1.2

3)About my iPhone 5

I went across a lot of site about error 9 iphone 5/5S/4/4S....

_I changed the charging port

_changed the battery

_changed The front camera

_Changed usb wire


1_Unistall then install itune.

2_Reboot computer

3_Plug in  your iPhone. Itune pop up with "a recovery device .....detected...etc"

4_Do 2 or 3 "hard reboot". *If i did not do this error 4014 will pop up

5_Each time you hard reboot, don't forget to push ok on itune

6_Shift+restoration then select your firmware.

7_And what you need is to try this 1,2,3,4....10 times until it get better!

Don't know if this will work for everyone, but i hope it will !

Error 9 Resolved.