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I used the guide from here for top-case replacement, then do these steps I went to local Fry's Electronics and purchased a Pro's Kit part #SD-9326M that had all the necessary bits and tools needed for US$35. No need to spend $250 for a new upper case, I figured: what did I have to loose? I found a brand new keyboard $45.95 (included priority shipping) from MCCComputers.com Steps: Remove keyboard:: CAREFULLY, remove all #000 Philips head screws around the outside edge of the keyboard on the logic board side of top case. Then, i started at one end, four keys at a time and started rocking around the four corners and pressing firmly in sections (from the side where you usually type on the keys, inward) until the rivets started popping out. MAKE SURE YOU ARE DOING THIS IN AN ENVIRONMENT THAT IS CLEAN and SMOOTH SURFACES. They go everywhere! Reassembly:use 3M #77 adhesive spray on the aluminum casing to reattach and make up for lost rivets. Snap in rivets with flat end of T-15 bit and screw-in edge screws.