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Оригинальный сообщение: Eric bailey ,


At times I repair 3-4 iPads a day.. Never had any real issues. This iPad Airs got me stumped..  I've now gone through 4 digitizers.. This is really frustrating. I've tried everything...

'''''When lifted.. The digitizers fine, but when it's laid flat "something" touches the back of the digitizer and sends the device into a panic = ghost touches commence'' :(

''''''I noticed if you stand up the digitizer and allow "anything" to touch the back of the digitizer it causes ghost touching. Ergo: something must be touching the back of the digitizer when it's laid flat.'''''

I thought I found an answer to this issue last week. It probably sounds complicating to read this without a picture to explain but

I noticed that the soft black cushion padding lined along the border of the LCD has been drastically decreased while cleaning the screen. (Ok honestly it's.. gone... Screens clean tho) :D

So I tried a few layers of thin strips of tape there in hopes of rebuilding that cushioned border. However..

It didn't work.. (Sigh)

I can say it works 80% better..  But it's not completely gone. It's just not acting up now.

Because I'm using it now to type this message. I think it's sensitive to pressure now.

So it's fine while I'm simply typing or web surfing.

Anyways.. Thanks crez for the suggestion I'm gonna go back inside my iPad and give it a shot

I'll let you all know