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'''Possibly -''' it is a socketed CPU, bu''t what would you upgrade it with?'' You can not stick just any old CPU onto a Mac logic board. The EFI has to identify the CPU so only a "OEM" CPU ''(one that has been used on that logic board by Apple, e.g. offered as an upgrade) ''would work. So,''' if you are going from an i5 1.4GHz CPU to an i7 3.4 or 3.5 it is possible.'''

This is a lot of expense and work ''(often for little, or no, real performance increase)''. You'll have to acquire a new CPU, that's a few hundred dollars, and to access and replace the CPU ''you have to basically completely dismantle and reassemble the machine...'' any mistakes along the way will increase the cost, and could potentially leave you with a nonworking box ''(This is not a project for a novice DIYer).''

It may be simpler to sell the machine and purchase a newer faster iMac or Mac Pro.

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