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Yes very possible in fact did it today.  If its your first time working on an iphone, here is a little hint I wish someone told me 3 years ago.  GET A PAIR OF 3X READING GLASSES from the dollar store.  It will save you so much grief.

Anyway, tried to re-solder chips once to get my daughter a 4s, big pain in the a$%!.  It does work though.

My opinion on Apple's Activation lock-  It is scam on Apple's part. The majority of Activation locked phones are NOT stolen.  Now ther are millions of worthless (unless you are tech saavy) phones and Apple has a reason to produce and sell more phones.  Hundreds of people waste money on eBay everyday buying phones honestly and get stuck with a paper weight.  Apple benefits in the end.

Solution- ONLY LOCK PHONES THAT ARE REPORTED TO POLICE AS STOLEN.  Not every freakin phone with iCloud on it.  Come on!!