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Оригинальный сообщение: Michael Violette ,


I have (maybe had) the same issue - mid'10 MBP15"A1286 A7 820-2915-B

I had a minor spill, thoroughly cleaned & dried, laptop works fine, magsafe batt ok, repl dc-in board - no joy.  left charging overnite 2 or 3 times no joy.  Maybe a month later, picked it up again, tried charging,  for the first time the green light was on for half second then out, left it for ~10-15 min no joy; unplugged charger figured capacitive charging maybe gave false green indication.  Hour or 2 later attached charger again no lights but left it attached, got busy researching and looking for logic board fuse ~30-40 min later noticed amber light!!  It started working.  There are resettable SMT fuses but I don't see one on this board?  No explanation for the delay, but its a gift horse - mouth thing!

Moral of this story, if its otherwise working normally, let it sit for a month (mine was sitting with back removed during that time) then let it charge for an hour or longer. Good luck!