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Оригинальный сообщение: Alex Fouillet ,


I had the same problem with a USB keyboard, even if there had been very little liquid poured on it. All the keys stopped working, but I decided to try something, as the keyboard seemed dead anyway. It has now spent about a week on a radiator (a thermometer shows between 20 and 25°C (68-77 F°)) , and today some of the keys are responding again. It does a little "clk-clk" sound at the beginning, as if the keys had been glued or something, but they work. I read somewhere that the problem occurred because liquid was trapped between to layers that make contact under the keys, so it could take a while before the whole stuff was completely dry again. But it seems like warming up gently the damaged keyboard can help.

PS: I hope you will excuse my $@$*!& English; I'm French and don't write very often in English. ;)