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Your original problem was probably corroded trace from Q7055 gate to CHGR_BGATE of U7000.

There are different places to check.

First are current sense resistors by battery, and by charger, if it sees battery, sees charger but won't charge it.

Second is line from U7000 to Q7055 transistor to the charger. This is if it sees the charger but only charges  if it is off, or it blinks on and off like mad.

Third are pullup resistors on data line to SMC, usually R5281 & R5280 On Unibody models, this is if it sees no battery.

Fourth is onewire circuit, PP3V42_G3H via to U6901 is the first to corrode if it NEVER sees the charger.  Also bad U7000, or bad voltage divider going to CHGR_ACIN pin of U7000 which allows it to send SMC_BC_ACOK to U6901 which allows U6900 to tell the SMC via SYS_ONEWIRE to turn the charger light on.

There are so many different potential solutions and the solution is dependent on your specific problem. Go take out a multimeter and figure out what it is. Analyze, compare, contrast, and learn.