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Оригинальный сообщение: Gabriel ,


My problem.  My Droid 4 went dead after I ran down the battery (approximately 2 years old).  I plugged it into my car charger but I got a black screen and a green light at the top left corner.  I could not even power down so I tried to remove the battery but the connector broke as I removed the decal over the battery.

My solution was to buy a new OEM battery and install it.  After I installed the battery I connected it to my home charger.  I tried to power up and got the Motorola screen and then all I got was a battery charging screen that went from zero to 5%.  The screen went dark and after a few minutes I checked again and it showed 100%.  I powered on again without a charger connected and got nothing.  I reconnected it to my charger and even tried a soft reboot by holding down the top power on button and the down volume key at the same time for 5 seconds and nothing changed.

Next, I removed the battery again and removed my SIM card from the back.  I reinstalled the battery and tried to charge it.  The charging screen had a question mark now and was not showing a % of charge.  I left it for about 10 minutes and returned to see the same screen.

Next I added my SIM card back and powered it back on WITH my phone connected to the home charger.  I tried to power back on normally but I got the Motorola screen only again.  I did a soft reboot again by holding down the top power on button and the down volume key at the same time for 5 seconds.  This time it booted up like normal and when through the whole start up process.  I had to leave the phone on the charger until I got a full charge but it was working again. What a relief to be able to remove all my pictures and data from my phone.  The Moto Migrate worked perfect to move my pics an data to my NEW Droid Turbo.