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Оригинальный сообщение: Scott ,


It's NOT a 'bad battery  (I can't believe the correct answer isn't posted here yet!)



I had the EXACT same symptoms.  Battery indicator not working, random restarting.  I tried a cold reboot of the phone and several other things above... no change.

But I knew the grounding plate was the issue since I hadn't followed the step-by-step instructions exactly with regard to that small but crucial part.  I hadn't noted its "correct orientation"  first.  (big oops)   So I guessed ... and got it wrong.

Fix -

1. Reopen the case.

2. Find / Google a photo of the correct position of grounding plate - (The best pic for me was here on iFix It!)

3. Change the orientation.  Make sure that little bare part the juts upwards is going up onto a bare part of the back plate  of the iPhone (where it should touch when reassembled correctly)  I gently bent that part up that is supposed to stuck up just a tiny bit more to be certain.

4.  Reboot phone and done.

Now it works just fine.  So.. it's ''not'' a 'bad battery.'

Since the trade-in for the phone is currently only $45 it makes more sense to keep it as a backup or as an iTouch.

Thank you iFixIt!!!  That kit was a bargain!