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Оригинальный сообщение: Juan ,


Thanks i found out that i was using a 60w magsafe instead of 85w probably i got my mothers one instead. :( i coul eventough start it doing the pressing start button and plugin the 60w magsafe but the funtionalitty was erroneous, no wify no bluetooth shutted down suddenly fans full spin.. Finally i plugged my 85w magsafe and started normally. The battery is dead so im waiting for the new one. I hope that the logic board didnt suffer too much when i booted it with the 60w magsafe. When i booted it normally with the 85w one i noticed that some projects in ableton live werent going as fluid and it seemed like a loose in processor. It also shuted down as if there were cuts in the energy coming from the magsafe. Some kind of weird thing. I hope that everything stabilizes wth the new bat. Thanks for the info in general!