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Оригинальный сообщение: Adam Cook ,


From the days of modding the first Sony psp... And making pandora batteries,  for magic memory sticks lol ...  If you ever cut or damage a conductive line on a board.. You can fix the issue by using a number 2 pencil and the graphite will reconnect the electrical circuit just be sure not to interconnect any lines, however with a digitizer cable punctured this will only work if it's a small puncture as it cannot fix a complete tear in the cable... I fixed a friends iPhone 5s this way after he attempted a screen repair himself ;)

And before asked to specify you sharpen the pencil as pointy as you can get it and then gradually color in the problematic area until a nice very small pile of dust is seen then blow this off and if the circuit is now appearing to be connected with the graphite line try your work and then use your repaired device to thank me :)