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My left analog stick is not moving properly...?


So, I bought this controller about a year ago and, as it was my 2nd controller, never used it so often. Then, my first controller broke, and I had to use this 2nd one since then. So, I noticed that whenever I moved the analog stick to the right, it computed as if I was moving diagonally to the bottom-right corner. Whenever I moved to the left, the movement in-game was as if I was moving diagonally to the top-left.

Then I tried to fix it by opening it and seeing if there's any problem, and it didnt seem like it had. The only thing I did when I opened the controller is that I took the analog stick out and put it back again. Then, another problem appeared: whenever I moved the analog stick upwards, to move forward in-game, it stopped moving after a while, like 5-10 seconds. What should I do? Is that a chipset problem? Please help!


DualShock 4