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Problem fixed!

Ive been looking around on every website I could find on how to replace the screen on the Samsung Note 10.1 2014 Edition. After connecting the dots, I'm glad to say I have successfully replaced it.

Follow the tutorial on how to disassemble the Note on Youtube. If you don't find the right Note edition, you might still be able to watch it and get a general idea on how to disassemble.

Items I used:

Heat gun

A card: preferably something thinner than a credit card. DL or school ID perhaps



glass cleaner

double sided adhesive: 2 or 1 mm

replacement screen

micro flat-head screw driver

latex gloves

eye protection

This is a long and arduous process. It requires patients over all else.

Put on your glasses: small parts of the screen will break off and shoot at your eyes as you begin to pry at it.

Once the Note is successfully taken apart, use the heat gun and go along the edges around 6-8 inches away from the tablet. Be Careful NOT to over heat the tablet. Id say around 20 sec. You can always touch the screen to judge your heat application.

Than, get a very small flat-head and press it in between the screen and the frame of the tablet. The frame is grey, so you want to get under the black adhesive. Push down about a mm or so and pry GENTLY away from the frame (using the edge of the frame as leverage) and follow around the edges. Do this until you make it all around and follow through with another go-around, but this time (as you go deeper) you want to pry down until you get to the LCD, which is noticeable by a thin white frame around the screen itself. Keep your eyes in between the screen and the frame so you know when you've reached the LCD. I suggest this method because if you try to undo the adhesive up to the LCD at the first site, your more than likely to pry it along with the screen: which is more likely going to cause damage.

NOTE: Start at one of the top corners. Do NOT start at the bottom towards the button. Be very cautious at the bottom because you might cut the sensors leading to "back" and "settings" touch screen buttons. The actual, physical "home" button is just wedged into the frame on both sides by small rings and can easily be dislodged with a little pressure/pry.

Once you've cleared the edges, apply heat to the LCD screen (again, to-the-touch is preferred) than slide your card in and start a SLOW, "cutting" motion parallel to the screen. You can also just try to press the card down in between the screen and the LCD to separate it and pull out as you work your way around the tablet. Try to avoid bending the screen too much cause its gonna put pressure on the LCD at the angle and possibly damage it. Continue "cutting" around the edges but AVOID the button area (for the same reasons stated earlier). Keep the same concept in mind when you were prying the edges. Work your way around until the last part (which would be the button area) and slowly separate the screen from the LCD.

The screen is now off, but there is a lot of glue on the LCD. this is were I got the tweezers and started CAREFULLY picking at the glue chunks. Then, dab the screen with the glue you picked up off the screen. As you start dabbing, the glue will slowly get picked off onto your tweezers. be careful and take your time cause the tweezer edges can scrape the LCD as you do this.

Once most of the glue is off, lightly heat the LCD to slightly melt the leftover adhesive and use the eraser. LIGHTLY erase the blotches and use a cleaner to smear away the glue. I personally used coffee filters for the LCD cleaning but thats only because I had nothing else and I didn't want to get lint all over the sticky screen. Do this several times over until the LCD is cleaned. CAUTION: be careful not to let the cleaner seep into the edges of the LCD.

after the screen is cleaned, place the double sided sticky take on the sides and re-seal. I didn't us suction cups. however, what I found helpful is to center the button hole on the screen to the actual button.

NOTE: don't forget to place the "home" button back before mounting the new screen back on.

I have a small black blotch that is about a mm wide at the bottom of my screen now because I was a little too anxious and frustrated. Be very careful and don't rush. Hope this step-by-step guide helps. It might not be the quickest way, but it works.