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Оригинальный сообщение: Kevin Grieco ,


How to make iPhone charge after replacing screen?


I fixed my iPhone5c at home the other day and when testing everything after fixing, I noticed two things (so far):

1) The battery will not go up when I plug in the charger; it has the charging symbol and noise and everything, but it doesn't really charge. Instead, it goes down a percent or two each hour left alone. My battery died today so that's the end of that, because it won't charge on any charger (even though it says it is charging!)

2) No sound will come through any earphones I plug into the phone. All I hear is static.

This was my first time fixing my phone by myself; I really had no choice because after I cracked my screen, I dropped it from a very small height and broke the LCD. I am not sure if I did something in the process of fixing that would cause these 2 things to happen. So far, this is all I notice, but there may be more problems. Please help, my phone is dead right now and I would like to do what I can by myself before paying any money. Thanks.


iPhone 5c