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Оригинальный сообщение: BurnieG ,


I have seen a few videos on YouTube that show how they can be repaired.  It is very difficult to repair a ribbon cable but not impossible if you have the tools and patience.  You surely need a magnifying lamp to perform this task.  The best method I've seen the guy uses a razor to scrape the plastic enough to expose the tracks where the tear in the cable is.  Under a microscope he lined up the tracks and kept them in place with some double sided tape.  Once the tracks are properly aligned he used a conductive adhesive to join each track and removed any excess adhesive to prevent shorting.  Once completed he used some kind of non conductive adhesive to strengthen the joint.  Once dried he applied some tape over the joint as well.  In my opinion this is a temporary fix at best and has little structural strength compared to a good ribbon cable.  With my luck the joint would break when trying to install the display.

So yes it is possible to repair a ribbon cable, but takes a very steady hand and lots of patience as well as the proper tools.  It is also more a temporary fix until you can afford to replace the display.  I've seen these displays sold on eBay and Amazon for fairly cheap.  Maybe cheaper than the supplies needed to repair a ribbon cable.  So if you have the tools and the time and can't afford a new display this could be a temporary solution to get the display working until you can afford a new display.  Best of luck and hope this helps.